58.com Inc. operates China's largest online market place for classifieds, as measured by monthly unique visitors on both its www.58.com website and mobile applications. The Company's online marketplace enables local business users and consumer users to connect, share information and conduct business. 58.com's broad, in-depth and high quality local information, combined with its easy-to-use website and mobile applications, has made it a trusted marketplace for consumers. 58.com's strong brand recognition, large and growing user base, merchant network and massive database of local information create a powerful network effect.


Our business currently consists of 58 core businesses and incubated new businesses.

The 58 core businesses are comprised principally of 58 and Ganji, our multi-content category online classifieds platforms, Anjuke, our real estate listing platform, ChinaHR, our online recruitment platform that focuses on white-collar jobs and Jia Xiao Yi Dian Tong, an online platform for drivers' license examination preparation and other related services.

The incubated new businesses include Zhuan Zhuan, an online used goods trading and service platform, and 58 Town, a rural version of 58.com. These platforms provide more vertically integrated services to users in their respective content categories. Although Zhuan Zhuan and 58 Town are both in relatively early stage of their platform growth and monetization and require our continued investment, we see great market and competitive potential in them. In addition, 58 Home and Che Hao Duo were initially incubated within 58 or Ganji, and have completed fund raisings from additional outside investors. We have deconsolidated the financial results of 58 Home and Che Hao Duo from ours in accordance with U.S. GAAP since 2015.


We primarily conduct our business in mainland China. As of March 31, 2019, our online services covered 338 cities, 491 counties, and over 12,000 towns and villages in mainland China. We have our direct sales team in 55 cities in mainland China.


Over 500 million users used our mobile apps in 2018, an increase of 19.9% from 2017. The number of users in a given period is defined as the number of accesses by unique mobile device IDs to our mobile apps in a given period, which is calculated as the aggregate of the number of unique mobile device IDs that accessed each of our mobile apps in that period.


In 2018, more than 85% of our traffic, which is defined as average monthly page views in listing and landing pages, is from mobile apps and mobile web browsers.